Tuesday 15 February 2011

I found that I'm getting inspiration recently from the geometric and overlapping patterns found in Moroccan tiles and buildings. it maybe because I'm craving a holiday and being inspired by the bold vibrant colours.

 This is a photo i took on holiday in Marrakesh i love the bold bright colours and intricate patterns.

Recently for the Charles Green competition we created a bespoke pendant. I used Moroccan patterns as my inspiration  to echo the emerald cut yellow Beryl stone I was given. The geometric lines and patterns suited it. This is a rendered image of my piece i used Rhino to create the piece and then rendered it in matrix.

Another person that's inspired by Moroccan patterns is Laura Gravestock in her promise collection she draws inspiration from intricate fretwork found in architecture and uses CAD to create her promise collection. Here are a few pieces from her promise collection.

I love the intricate pattern and clean geometric shapes. 

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